Friday, July 3, 2009

Purpose of Life

Many people have tried to answer a simple question. The sentence structure is simple, the words are more than simple, the sentence itself is short, but the answer is more than simple, and long from short. Since humans have been on this earth, this question has been pondered. Right now you are probably going through your head trying to figure out such a question. This question many people have asked higher institutes of theology, education, and even government. Another hint you ask, well if this question was a math problem, this is how it would be set up: A + B= ∞. It is a question with no one answer. On a piece of paper, write down three such questions that come to mind. It is possible however that there might be one simple answer. Figured it out yet? This question is pure, but the answer could be immoral, unjust, and yet blameless. Now look at the questions…do they look simple? The question is, what is the meaning to life?
People come from different backgrounds, different areas of the world, and have different life experiences. Although there are several activities that humans are connected by. We all sleep, we die, we love, we laugh, etc. This is my attempt to explain the unexplainable, to convey my thoughts on something that cannot be concluded. I first will start with the meaning of the individual in life. This will not be a true definition of course, I mean, we are trying to figure something out that has no definition, so we must go about this in an unorthodox fashion. Each section should have you thinking. Sadly, I will start off with a subject that some may find depressing, and a terrible way to start off, but I promise everything will be all right.

Is it possible that the meaning of life is that one thing that nobody really wants to talk about, death? It is rather an oxymoron to say that life equals death, but it is the culmination of life itself. What is the best part of the movie usually? It is the ending, correct? From the day that you are born, your time is limited. From the moment you hear and understand the word, the concept is in your head. Maybe if you understand this concept early, you can grab all out of life that is possible. Death might have been created so that your life is never taken for granted, that all of the landmarks in your life have meaning. If you lived forever, what would be the significance of anything? Maybe the math question goes like this, Birth + Life = Death. Sure is a grim thing to say I agree. Death is certain; it is concrete, and its always going to be there. Death doe not always have to be negative though. Many cultures handle death in different manners; it is not always the weeping, sobbing part. Some celebrate the person’s life. Like it is the grand finale of ones great theatrical performance.
Death is there for a reason. Nobody really understands or knows why; it’s just a fact of life. So why dread it? I say challenge death, make it come get you, and fight for everything you have. If you challenge death, and live, actually live, than death is nothing. Who knows, it might not actually be the last chapter. I do agree however, that when someone dies, especially at such a young age, or for something meaningless (that also could be argued), that it does scare me? It honestly scares the hell out of me, but I turn that fear into adrenaline, into intelligent though, into ambition, into life. Maybe that is the true meaning to both life and death.

Birth is a beautiful thing. An innocent, crying ball of flesh that has been evolving for nine months, finally comes and joins the world. Who knows the impact this baby will have on the world. Who would have said that Martin Luther King Jr., when he was born that he would make landmark history in civil rights, or when Hitler was born he would arguably be one of the most controversial government leaders in modern history? You have this baby, with the whole world ahead of him. Maybe the meaning of life is life itself. How you play it, what you gain in it, and the good and/or bad you do in it. Life is what you make it some say; maybe this is an explanation of what the meaning is. Birth carries on the torch, it is a statement itself that life will continue, at least for the moment. Every birth is a celebration of life, and the fascinating aspects of it, and how much potential we have as human beings to be great.

Everyone loves love. Either love of an object, an entity, a human, or any other such thing. You are programmed at birth to find someone to mate with, to be your match. When you find this match, love ensues, and hopefully the fairy tale ending of happily ever after. Songs are written about it, not just about love of a significant lover, but songs about loving a bar, or a certain car. People facilitate their lives around the things they love, generally speaking. You may love football, and stay around the house all weekend watch football on TV, and that is your bliss. I like the idea of love being the meaning of life. This could entail everything that is a solution of love. Out of love between traditional couples there could be made a family. Family can come out of love. Love is something that has so many products. Love can be that triple-threat answer to that simple question. Maybe that is why death is so hard? It is always the loved ones that we mourn over, which sometimes makes love tough. No matter what we love, at one point it will end. Maybe not in your lifetime, but in your death, what you love ends. We love the things we do, and take care of the things we love so we can live. You cannot really enjoy life without love. It is ingrained in you from birth.
How about hate? For every action there is a opposite and equal reaction. We go through life trying to avoid the things we hate, and if not completely avoid, then keep it to the minimal. Right now America is in the War on Terrorism. We, as a government, hates terrorism, and that is why we are over there, trying to end what we hate. Ironically, we try to end the things we hate, so we can enjoy the fruits of what we love. Medical research that can make us live healthier and possibly longer, is a example of society trying to prolong, if not try to eliminate death.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What is the Cost of One Human Life?

02JUL09 1900 hrs. What Does 1 Human Life Equal?

I was thinking about something. How much is one human life worth? I don’t mean in the material cost, but I suppose the higher cost of a human life. Would you sacrifice one human life, for a world at peace? How about if that one life was your son, daughter, mother or father. It is a tough decision isn't it. The world would love peace but at the cost of a loved one.
Another example of this, sort of is if you had a child, and he/she needed your heart to survive. You more than likely would trade your life for theirs, would you? Maybe the price of a human life is another one? But to play devil’s advocate, lets say you did not sacrifice your life, and your child died. One human is still living, but since the child died, what is the price of your life now?
Maybe every life has a different utility. People are in different social classes, have different incomes, contribute different things to society. Would you give your life for the bum on the street? I can honestly say that I would. But not in the sense you may think of. As a member of the U.S. military, if I die in combat, I die for you, for the bum, for every U.S. citizen and member of the free world. But going back to the original question…
Would you trade your life for an animal? Or a whole species? Some people risk their lives to help animals. Are we any different than animals? I will save that for later
What is your life worth? Try to answer that question…what is something you would die for? Is it truly worth your life? How about if something powerful and meaningful for millions is in your destiny? Example: 20 years down the road, you will discover a cure for AIDS/HIV. Right now, your fifteen year old son is dieing. He is waiting on a heart, but far from getting one. He will die very soon if he does not get one. Yours and his are a match. Would you give him yours? Of course if you did, there would be no cure for AIDS twenty years down the road, and as a result thousands if not millions more will die. Would you sacrifice your sons life to save millions?
Of course you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, next week, next year, etc. But would you ever know unless you stayed alive, and lived your destiny. (Quick Thought for later writing: What if that is your destiny, to give your life for your son). All these “what-ifs” are in question when trying to figure out the price of a human life. Historically look at all the people that risked their life and/or died to kill Hitler. Especially fellow Nazi’s that knew what was going on (Holocaust, etc). They sacrificed their life in order to save millions of Jews, people that most didn’t even know. They believed that their life was worth sacrificing in order to save millions.
Some of these questions I don’t know if we can honestly answer them, including myself. One must be confronted with the situation and describe what his or her actions could be. The story about AIDS and your son, I don’t know what I would do. You would love your son unconditionally, but you could save millions. Yes, you would play devils advocate yourself and say “who is not to say someone else would figure out the cure?” But leave all the “other what-ifs” out. I am going to think more about this and figure some more things outs.